Beat That is a samba band.  We play a range of percussion instruments and a mix of traditional Afro-Brazilian grooves, some true to the original, some arranged and devised by our musical director, Erin Scrutton.


A pulse is the rhythm of life and it is at the very core of samba music ... the low persistent beat that all other percussion takes life from.  

A powerhouse of sound, the music is the sound of celebration and belongs on the streets in carnivals and festivals.


The 'bateria' - the  big samba band line up -brings together sounds that range from the deep pulsing roll of the surdo (big bass drum) to the rapid-fire repenique, the sassy snare, the crack of the tambourim and clamour of agogo bell. Timba, bata and congo hand drums add texture and depth.


Moira Baillie, Val Cartwright, Barbara Chalmers,  Andrea Cluckie, Andi Curley, Yvonne Dickson, Hazel Fraser, Lynda Gairns,  Christine Hall, Irene Kelso, Nancy Killin, Rhona Lawson, Alexa McGuffin, Rosie McLaughlin, Ailie Millen, Nicki Ould, Anne Pollock, Jen Pow, Hazel Robertson, Sandra Robertson, Sandra Sankey, Sue Shone, Margaret Watt, Jacquie Winning and Margaret Willis.



Musical Director, Erin Scrutton



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